Thursday, August 25, 2011

type -tech

sooo , these last 3 days i spent doing absolutely NOTHING (besides camwhoring) at the hangar. i mean , mmg la. what do u expect. raya nak dekat . semua orang takde mood nak study.

so , insyallah after raya will be starting class fr 6 hours of type tech , amik exam and wallah! boleh fly dah la kot kan.

im going back to shah alam tomorrow night ! yayy! finally boleh balik and sgopping and beli baju raya! (yes , tak beli baju raya lagi!)

anyway , selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin all those people that i have hurt wether directly or indirectly. salam :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

and the chime of victory is heard.

ok , bapak poyo title. 
so , FINALLY exam JAA PHASE 1 IS DOONEEE ! yeahh!
lepasni tapaya la aku nak hadap buku buku tu dah , dah boleh hadap tv , hadap laptop , hadap guitar , semua bende laa yg x payah nak baca ingat bende semua. well , at least sampai hujung tahun la.back to ground school for phase 1.

btw , POF punya paper truthfully is quite easy. i mean soalan yg diorang bagi tu bukanlah susah gila bapak its just that i didnt manage to finish my revision on POF on time so im not so suree about my POF result. as for airframe , insyaallah boleh pass la kot. if god wills. and as for VFR and IFR pulak im pretty confident that ill pass. well , i did my best. the rest is up to Him.

oh , oh ! and esok dah start report dkt flying school. tapi i am almost sure yg we wont be anywhere near the piper yet sbb kena blja all that type tech stuff. insyallah , after raya boleh start flying. wee.

<3 Selamat Hari Raya <3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

an inspiration to the ladies - Amelia Earhart

i think most of you know Amelia Earhart. i mean , you have to have to know her. everybody knows her. to not to know her is like a crime ! if youre reading this and you are thinking like " who the fish is this lady " imma go right over there , right beside you and give you an hour lecture about who She is. (ooo.. scaryyy ) so , untuk pemalas pemalas yg taknak bukak google tu , pgi bukak jugak google this lady since aku pun malas jugak. tapi aku dah tau dia siapa. korang je tak tau. tapi summary dia , :

she is an inspiration to us , the ladies .

panic attack !

 esok exam and im having a panic attack! (bernaffas lea , bernafas - breathe in , breathe ouuut)
bukanlah nak over react ke apa kan but this is jaa exam. papers  from UK. kalau fail nak reseat mmg mahal la bhai. ok , belum pape dah fikir fail. takpe takpe. relax leaa. bernafaasss.

ok lets look at the better side , habis exam - report to flying school (YAYY!) tapi taak fly lagi pun. rasanya buat type-tech dulu.- then RAYAA! (rendang , ketupat , nasi impit , kuah kacang) - then balik Terengganu balik andd insyaallah baru fly :)

oh , and i have something to share.
okay..i have this quote or some sort of " ayat motivasi " that i hold on to. like if anything bad were to happen or somebody tried to bring me down or sometimes if im feeling down because o f something i like remember this quote. it sounds really really stupid. but at the same time its true. it makes me realise that god wont put me in a situation if He know i cant handle it. so here it goes (jgn gelak) :

"when people tried to bring you down and the world turns its back on you , remember , you were once the fastest sperm"

told you it is stupid. but i still hang on to it. haha

okbaii! wish me luck :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

effing countdown

today is 21st august which leaves me another day to my JAA PHASE 1 exam. gila bapak cuak doo ! up until now ive finished studying VFR and IFR comms and Airframes ( tapi tatau la boleh fully remember ke tak) which leaves another subject - POF . aviation exam punya buku baru buat setengah je for that subject. god , help me ! luckily esok cuti lagi soo ill be workin my ass off for last minute study. (bad , bad).

the awesome people !

this is a video i made for a friend on his flight to Pulau Redang. enjoyy :)

another video for another friend showing kuala terengganu from a bird's eye view !


ooookay , im so pumped up for my second official post. hehe.

lets see, umm.. last 28th June 2011 (i think )  i sat for my DCAM exam which consist of 3 papers , 2 subjects which are AIRLAW 1 & 2 and HUMAN PERFORMANCE & LIMITATION (HPL) and true enough i DID NOT pass with flying rainbow colors. instead , these are my results:

AIRLAW 1 : 68 %
AIRLAW 2 : 75%
HPL : 76 %

oh , and the passing marks for all three papers is 75 % which means i barely made it for airlaw 2 and HPL. and yes , that also means i FAILED my AIRLAW 1. luckily , to reseat the paper i failed would only cost like RM 7 compared to if i fail HPL i would have have to pay like  around RM 100 i think. so yes , THANK GOD i did not fail for my HPL  !

i should have put extra effort in my airlaw then i wouldnt have failed. but things already happened soo , wth. right now im working my ass off , studying for my PHASE 1 exam which is coming up soon on this 23rd August 2011. and trust me it is not as close as easy as the DCAMs paper. this is much harder especially POF and AIRFRAMES paper. i think i can handle VFR and IFR COMMS since they are not soo hard. but ill just do and pray fr the best.

oh , and eventhough i said ( and i know ) the subject communication is not hard but somehow im always failing with scores around 60 - 70 almost passing but only once passed. like gahh ! i have all these seniors around me that helps me in my studies but somehow im still failing. well , lea maybe you just need more practise so get off the screen and go studyy !

for now , this is just it. wish me luck guys :)