Sunday, August 21, 2011

panic attack !

 esok exam and im having a panic attack! (bernaffas lea , bernafas - breathe in , breathe ouuut)
bukanlah nak over react ke apa kan but this is jaa exam. papers  from UK. kalau fail nak reseat mmg mahal la bhai. ok , belum pape dah fikir fail. takpe takpe. relax leaa. bernafaasss.

ok lets look at the better side , habis exam - report to flying school (YAYY!) tapi taak fly lagi pun. rasanya buat type-tech dulu.- then RAYAA! (rendang , ketupat , nasi impit , kuah kacang) - then balik Terengganu balik andd insyaallah baru fly :)

oh , and i have something to share.
okay..i have this quote or some sort of " ayat motivasi " that i hold on to. like if anything bad were to happen or somebody tried to bring me down or sometimes if im feeling down because o f something i like remember this quote. it sounds really really stupid. but at the same time its true. it makes me realise that god wont put me in a situation if He know i cant handle it. so here it goes (jgn gelak) :

"when people tried to bring you down and the world turns its back on you , remember , you were once the fastest sperm"

told you it is stupid. but i still hang on to it. haha

okbaii! wish me luck :)

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