Tuesday, August 23, 2011

and the chime of victory is heard.

ok , bapak poyo title. 
so , FINALLY exam JAA PHASE 1 IS DOONEEE ! yeahh!
lepasni tapaya la aku nak hadap buku buku tu dah , dah boleh hadap tv , hadap laptop , hadap guitar , semua bende laa yg x payah nak baca ingat bende semua. well , at least sampai hujung tahun la.back to ground school for phase 1.

btw , POF punya paper truthfully is quite easy. i mean soalan yg diorang bagi tu bukanlah susah gila bapak its just that i didnt manage to finish my revision on POF on time so im not so suree about my POF result. as for airframe , insyaallah boleh pass la kot. if god wills. and as for VFR and IFR pulak im pretty confident that ill pass. well , i did my best. the rest is up to Him.

oh , oh ! and esok dah start report dkt flying school. tapi i am almost sure yg we wont be anywhere near the piper yet sbb kena blja all that type tech stuff. insyallah , after raya boleh start flying. wee.

<3 Selamat Hari Raya <3

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